Going Digital: A Four Part Webinar Series

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Digital marketing is on the rise but there is still a lot of marketing and advertising professionals who are new to the concept. Companies and brands are starting to move online but there is a lack of digital marketers in the industry.

To help spread the word on digital marketing, eLearning Edge is organizing a four-part webinar series entitled, “Going Digital”. This series will give participants an inside look into the digital marketing industry and show different digital marketing career opportunities.

Industry leaders will discuss tips, best practices, facts and their insights within the digital marketing landscape. Know what organizations are looking for when screening for digital marketing staff. Learn how to manage a digital marketing career and maintain an online personal life.

To kick off the event, David Guerrero, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Guerrero will talk about the evolving landscape of advertising and the role that digital plays in his agency. It starts on June 1, 2011 | 7PM Philippine time.

You can register for this live webinar at DigitalisNow.com!

This event is supported by ProFora Media.

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