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When I decided to leave the corporate world, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but what business? I was interested in the latest technologies and being a part-time geek, I’ve always focused on the Internet. This made me look at my priorities and decided to focus on an online home based business.

The rest was history. From webinars (online seminars) to digital marketing, blogging to game writing, and even a bit of internet marketing, I’ve dabbled into several income streams, but everything was done at the comfort of my home (or even at my favorite wifi spot).

This started conversations between family and friends, asking me how I can earn without having to work in a cubicle, your usual nine to five set up. The demand is now growing and still a lot of Filipinos don’t know how they can make money from their homes.

Introducing Home Based Elite, a community founded by Janette Toral and yours truly, to help newbies get training to earn money from home. It’s a community of learners and serious entrepreneurs who want to start their online business.

We offered a free webinar to introduce ourselves last January 2011, specifically to the homemakers, as seen in the Jan-Feb 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping Philippines. It gave us an opportunity to show the work we’ve done and what to expect when working at home.

Now, we are ready to accept the first batch of newbies to the community. We are having a membership briefing webinar on (see update below) May 22, 2011 at 5PM Philippine time. We will explain how the membership model works and answer questions on how to attend the classes.

UPDATE: Another membership briefing has been scheduled on May 29, 2011 at 5PM.

Register now to know more. We are limiting the class to only 10 people!

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  • hello ma’am… I am interested to join the webinar but I would like to inquire first on the membership fees since this is a membership briefing seminar. Thanks.

  • Hi Joan. This webinar is free. :-) See you at the webinar! Do share it as well to your family and friends who are interested in knowing more about Home Based Elite.

  • hello maam,
    Im interested to join the webinar tomorrow. Im residing here in davao City.Can i join the webinar online?

  • Hi Jennifer. Apologize, I only saw this comment now. We will be creating a screencast of the briefing this week to give a chance for people who didn’t make it to the live webinar. To answer your question, you can join any webinar anywhere with an internet connection. Feel free to join our newsletter so you can get updates of upcoming webinars.

  • Hi again. We are having another session this coming May 29, same time (5pm). You can register here: http://ht.ly/50tSD

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