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traffic jamWas there a time when you were on the phone with someone and thought how awesome it would be if you could show them exactly what you’re seeing on your computer?  Or imagine being a sales agent and wishing you could give a presentation to a prospective buyer without having to travel at all?

If it’s a YES to both questions, then the solution you’ve been looking for is a web conferencing tool.  Web conferencing allows you to effectively get your message across without the hassles of traveling.

As long as everyone joining the web conference has an Internet connection, you can hold a meeting as if you were in the same room.  Discussions are done thru VOIP, similar to a regular phone conference call but the difference is that web conferencing allows you to share what you see on your computer with the other attendees.  You can give a PowerPoint presentation, work together on a project, show attendees how to use a program, share documents or photos that they don’t have to download onto their PC,  plus anything you can possibly think of sharing.

Affordable web conferencing solutions give you most of the advantages of a face-to-face meeting, without the stress of having to travel.  Just imagine the savings in time and money if you no longer are required to travel to another location every time you need to hold a meeting with someone.  This leads to increased efficiency as you get to spend more time meeting with people than traveling.

Increase your productivity by using a web conferencing tool.  The time and money you save, and the hassles you avoid will make you say, “I’m glad I gave web conferencing a chance.”  Remember, when a web conference is put together right, the only thing missing from a regular, face-to-face meeting will be a handshake.

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