Lopez Link Launches Webinar Session on Social Media

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During the mid afternoon of April 28th, Lopez Link through the HR / PR Council of the Lopez Group of Companies launched its first webinar session entitled “Social Media and Networking 101”, which was conducted by Janette Toral.

lopezlink_webinarThere were close to 50 registrants for the webinar comprised of different employees within the group of companies and guests. About 30 made it to the session. Considering this is their first undertaking within the realm of webinars, the number was definitely a good start.

As the room was opened, attendees started to come in as early as 20 minutes before the session.  The session started at 3PM sharp.  About 70% of the audience were first time webinar attendees, as they were asked by Janette at the start of the session.  A phrase has been coined for newbies stating that they are not “webinar virgins” anymore.

The presentation was filled with statistics, discussed the basics of social media and existing sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn plus a showcase of social media campaigns from top corporations and what made it successful.

One interesting thing to note are the questions asked during the session. Some were basic such as “What is the difference between a blog and a microblog?”, “What does SEO mean?” and “Is it advantageous to “be-friend” your competitors in social media sites?”. Some were geared towards internal communications, corporate branding, whether social media is just geared towards the B & C market but probably hard to penetrate lower C & D, and even a short assessment of Meralco’s effort to confront recent issues through social media.

Despite the audio issues experienced during the session, which could be due to high internet traffic usage at the scheduled time that resulted to a slow internet connection, the participants engaged with the speaker and stayed 20 more minutes to learn. Some even asked for an extension.

Rosan Cruz, AVP of Group Public Relations for Benpres Holdings Corporation informed us that there will be a monthly webinar session available for its employees and guests through Lopez Link, a monthly publication of the Lopez Group of Companies.

Support for the event was managed by ProFora Media.

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