Revamping Philippine Webinars

May 5, 2011 by     No Comments    Posted under: Best Practices, Industry News

It has been close to 3 years since I started this blog and admittedly the webinar space within the country has moved at a slow pace. A lot has mentioned Filipinos didn’t see a need years back or it was something so new, it didn’t interest them.

Despite the challenge of educating professionals and organizations, about webinars and virtual events, I didn’t raise my white flag. I knew it just needed time.

That being said, more Filipinos are starting to notice the power of utilizing web conference technologies to include in their operational mix. More questions are now being asked and they are coming in real fast.

So, it’s time for a revamp.

Philippine Webinars Newsletter

I’ve added a link for readers to subscribe to the newsletter. It will mostly contain the feed to all the posts from this blog but can include invitations to upcoming webinars, tips and industry updates.


I changed the blog’s theme to make it simpler for visitors to find articles. The latest featured articles will be seen first as soon as you visit the site. Categories are now found on top of the page. I like this theme – apart from it being free – because it is cleaner and not too busy.


I changed the categories and bucketed them based on your needs. From the basics, to events (both free and fee-based), best practices for the organizer and attendees, and industry news.

The most important is CONTENT. Right now, it’s all in my head. I’ll be posting short articles (tips, for example), which will either be based on my own experience, thoughts on articles found on the web which are being done locally – maybe even a comparison – or will get some data from clients and users. I’m hoping the content will eventually be more from YOU. I’d love to hear your experience and would love to share it within the webinar community.

Your webinar and virtual events partner,

Jam Mayer – Flores

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