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Aug 3, 2011 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Industry News, Technology

I’ve been testing the beta version of GoToMeeting’s HDFaces for the past few months. Due to the instability of our bandwidth in the country, it wasn’t perfect. Every time I finished an internal online meeting, I made sure to send my feedback back to Citrix.

Just last Sunday, I had a consultation meeting with one of our members in Home Based Elite, and was impressed that the video is now stable and clear. No lag, no “buffering” moments, and there was no interruption on the visuals (screen sharing), and audio. This got me really excited!

Today, I read a press release of Citrix Online announcing it is out of beta. Yay! Everyone can now utilize HDFaces in their online meetings. Fantastic news!

Do take note that this is only available for GoToMeeting accounts and not GoToWebinar or GoToTraining. Bummer. But, it’s not a total loss for those who want to utilize the account for small groups (GoToMeeting only accepts up to 16 people, including the organizer). Though it may not have the other features of GoToWebinar, if you intend to have small orientations or an internal class within an organization, you can still use it. Just remember, you can’t virtually raise your hand and take advantage of other features in the online meeting tool. It can also only accommodate up to six live video streams at a time.

Once you enter the virtual meeting room, you’ll notice that your control panel has an extra panel and button, which you can enable your webcam to start your video conference.

Being in a country where people love to see the speakers or the organizer, this is good news! I can’t wait until they roll it out on GoToWebinar.

Citrix will be rolling out HDFaces to GoToWebinar sometime end of this year, or probably first quarter of next year.

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  • Hi I am a motivational speakers and would like to know more regarding the webinars. Can you refer me to someone in your company I can personally talk to?

  • Hi Caloy. Apologies for the delayed response. You can contact me directly. Feel free to send me an email and will assist you. Thanks for dropping by at the blog site.

  • Yeah, I remember when GTM got video figured out. That was a big deal… For my online meetings, I needed extremely high image quality, so now I’m a fan of RHUB’s setup. It delivers.

  • Hi John,

    Are you part of the company? Would like to get some access to be able to review it, and give our readers more info on the platform. High quality image on video is a good thing, but it depends on the country you are at. Stability and compression still matters, so that it is truly globally accepted, even those who have slow internet connection.

    Tell me more.

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