[Video] What is a Webinar?

Jul 22, 2011 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Webinar Basics

There are still a lot of people that we need to inform about webinars. When I meet people (online or offline) and tell them I help organizations and professionals do webinars, I still get the same question.

What are webinars?

I know there are a lot of videos and articles explaining what a webinar is, but I thought of creating one, more apt for the Philippine market. If you’re from another country and happened to see this in Google, the video can still help, but do take note that the Internet connection speed needed to experience a smooth webinar session might be a little different.

For webinar newbies and future attendees, here’s the video to help you get started.

A little shameless plug here: I just started a Facebook Page for Philippine Webinars for both organizers and attendees. This is different from the ProFora Facebook Page I created years back, since that was more tied to my company. I hope you can support the community by liking the page. You’ll get updates as well.

Better yet, join our mailing list to get updates from the blog and upcoming webinars. Thanks everyone!

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  • would like to know more about your services for webinar and webcasts

  • Hi Malou – I sent you a response to this through your email. Let me know if you received it. Thanks!

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