Where Should I Go To Attend A Webinar?

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I’d like to join the webinar. Where is the venue?

Is it going to be in Manila? I can’t. I’m located in the province.

For those who haven’t attended a webinar (or haven’t heard of the term), the “venue” question is always asked. My answer? Anywhere that has a stable broadband Internet connection. At this point, I see confused faces. If asked through the phone, I hear dead air. Sometimes, they ask again, maybe thinking I didn’t understand their question.

So, where should you go to attend a webinar?

Your Home

If you have a DSL connection set up at home, attending a webinar from your home office, bedroom or your living room, is the way to go. I recommend picking a spot where you’re comfortable and won’t be disturbed during the session. I’ve even met people who admittedly said they’ve even picked the bathroom (not to say I recommend this though).

The Office

Most webinars are scheduled during work hours. It makes sense to attend a session at your office since you’re almost sure the connection is fast enough. One downside would be if everyone is sharing the same connection. Your office might have a 6 Mbps connection but if it is shared by a dozen people or more, there is a chance you might experience some hiccups during the session. Another is having to deal with distractions. Being in a conference room or in your private office is the ideal set up.

Coffee Shop or Any WiFi Spot

With the proliferation of WiFi spots and USB Internet sticks, I see a lot of people working outside of their office cubicles. It’s a great way to get away from the chaos. With a cup of coffee and food, you can attend a webinar at these places. I’d like to warn you though that using a wireless connection might disrupt your learning. Some have experienced choppy audio or even a long lag between the visuals and audio. Having said that, if your favorite “away from the office venue” has great internet connection or if you are near your internet provider’s cell site (for USB sticks), you won’t encounter any issues.

Internet Cafe

If all fails, an internet cafe near you is a good alternative. The connection is stable and most have PC headsets. You just need to pick a spot that is quiet enough. We all know that gamers flock to internet cafes and they can be really loud.

There you have it. A webinar’s venue is wherever you want to be. There are no geographic constraints, as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

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