Why Webinars Work Better for You and the Environment

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Clean AirFor most of my college days and working career, I’ve attended a good number of seminars and forums.  What drives me to attend is the thought of learning something new, taking into consideration the topic and more importantly, the speaker’s credibility.  But what I hate about attending traditional seminars is that one has to physically get there, whether by car or public transportation.  One has to consider factors such as time, transportation costs and the stressful traffic conditions just to get to the said venue.  One also has to worry about parking facilities and the thought of having to sit uncomfortably through the whole session in a tacky chair.  Plus, you just can’t snack during the session when your stomach starts to rumble.  You go through all that hassle, only to find out that the seminar you attended was a complete waste of energy.  Bottom line, there has to be a better way to make attending seminars a better experience.

With webinars, one can jump into an online session regardless of location, and skip the rigmarole of attending a traditional seminar.  All you really need  is a computer with a good Internet connection, a headset with microphone and an invitation to the webinar itself.  You don’t have to worry about the time to prepare, or what you need to wear.  You can even eat during the whole presentation without anyone ever noticing.

Now how do webinars provide a positive impact on the environment?  Since an attendee doesn’t have to drive to the venue, there is no fuel consumption.  This results in the conservation of valuable energy resources.  Obviously, not having to start the car’s engine would mean that destruction of the ozone layer is minimized.

Imagine 500 participants attending a webinar instead of the traditional seminar. That’s 500-less cars on the road contributing to traffic, fuel consumption and pollution.  Now imagine if all seminars were done online.  The positive impact on our environment would be exponential.  Imagine that…

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